Brown Bedroom Color Schemes


Brown Bedroom Color Schemes, the typical boy's master bedroom color may be blue, but that doesn't mean it can your only option. Natural colors such as beige in addition to grey—or even bright tones of red and orange—can be used to generate a space your younger man will love, and another he can grow directly into for years. Combinations associated with strong and bright shades work well together in a boy's bedroom, as perform bright or muted tones of beige and brown. Try kelly green with yellow accents for a sunny look. A hot latte shade painted on the walls gets a real pop from red home furniture and framed artwork. To have an older boy, grey wall space look great with dark-colored furnishings and accents—and take into account adding a couple of touches of red or even bright blue to get the eye. An dynamic boy might like a combination of red and orange, anchored by sturdy unpainted wood furniture.

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