Ikea Bedroom Furniture Storage


Ikea Bedroom Furniture Storage There are several areas that you have to think about when you are coordinating your teenager's bedroom décor; some of the basics are included here. You need the colors to look good together. Bright colors that make a statement about her energy are a popular choice currently. If your teenager's favorite color is lime green you may want to go with hot pink or black to accompany it. If your teenager likes darker colors it looks great to use a bright color with them for accents. Regardless of what colors you would prefer, it's important to get input from your teenager before starting.

Get a piece of paper and scale a model of the bedroom so that you can see what furniture you want and where you want to keep it. You can decide what size of bed you are going to have and how much room you have for furniture. This will save time rearranging furniture to see how you want the room decorated and will help you to come up with ideas of what will fit in your teenager's bedroom as well.
Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls can bring new life to your teenager's bedroom and help you to come up with ideas for décor as well.